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About Our Practice

“What is Solid Money Solutions about?“, you may ask. The company's philosophy is simple but quite unique: We help our clients find money that they are currently losing unknowingly and unnecessarily.

You see, most people are losing money unknowingly and unnecessarily via wealth transfers.  These transfers can occur in areas such as:

  • How we pay our mortgage
  • How we pay our taxes
  • How we fund our qualified retirement plans
  • How we pay for our child/children’s education
  • How we pay for large ticket items such as automobiles, vacations, weddings, credit card usage, to name a few examples.

Additionally, there are only two ways in which someone in the financial services business can help you expand your Circle of Wealth™. The first way would be to help you select better financial products offering perhaps higher rates of return, that often require you to assume more risk.  The second way would be to help you become more efficient with your financial resources (savings, investments and cash flow spending).  Solid Money Solutions specializes in performing the latter.

Also, do you know the answers to the four toughest financial questions that everyone who is serious about their financial future wants to know?  Specifically:

  1. Do you know what rate of return you need to be earning on your savings and investments to make sure that when you retire, those assets will last you through life expectancy?
  2. Do you know what amount you should be saving on a monthly or annual basis to make sure that you have accumulated enough assets to make your future lifestyle match or exceed your current lifestyle?
  3. Based on your current strategy, do you know at what age you can comfortably retire and know that you have accumulated the required assets that will carry you through life expectancy?
  4. If you do not make any changes to what you are currently doing, how much of a reduction in your future lifestyle will you have to make to make those assets last through your retirement years?

Our new clients learn the answers to these 4 questions over a complimentary cup of coffee in less than 20 minutes.  And at the end of our meeting, you will know if what I do is what you are looking for.  Why not call our office today and see if what you thought to be true was in fact true; after all, if it turned out not to be true, when would you want to know about it?

Call us today: (303) 862-5200